Congratulations 2017 Scholarship Awardees!

Our unit annually offers scholarships to children of members who are graduating high school, going on to college and fulfill application requirements.  We are pleased to announce that last night we honored 9 awardees along with their parents/guardians at a lovely dinner at Casa Rina Restaurant.   Congratulations to:

  • Rebecca Abraham            (daughter of OR Health Services’ Jessy Abraham)
  • Brian Baccaglini               (son of Clinical Lab’s Ed Baccaglini)
  • Manju Behanan                (daughter of Clinical Lab’s Behanan Mammen)
  • Justin Castronuovo           (son of Respiratory’s Joseph Castronuovo)
  • Daniel Garelick                  (son of Social Work’s Deborah Garelick)
  • Yousef Hammouda             (son of Radiology’s Alaa Hammouda)
  • David Margiotta                 (son of Facilities’ Dominick Margiotta)
  • Jeanine Sealtiel                 (daughter of Clinical Lab’s Maria Sealtiel)
  • Siddhi Shockey                  (daughter of Biomed’s Chand Tahilramani)