Aetna Discount Enrollment Period Extended

Letter Special Enrollment Premium Reduction Health Assessment Agreement Special


Attention members who have NOT enrolled for the Aetna Premium Reduction:

Attached please find the instructions as well as the form to participate. The date has been extended to April 5, 2018.

This will be your last chance to take advantage of the discount!

Any questions, please call the CSEA office at 914-493-7069


A big THANK YOU to my Executive Board, Attorney Nathaniel Charny,(Charny & Wheeler) and CSEA Inc.for the amazing job that led to an amazing victory!  We won the Class Action against WMC for the astronomical increase in co pays and out of pocket expenses.  The award letter from the arbitrator states “the Corporation shall make adversely affected employees whole by reimbursement of the costs in excess of five percent incurred by the employee because of the adopted plan design changes”

I will update with any information as I get it in regards to reimbursement.

Continue to remain UNION STRONG!!!

In solidarity,

Susan Fontana, President CSEA Unit 9201