79 – 17

Today the members made it clear they want to fight management. Senator Murphy has been informed and told to continue his blockage of the legislation.

The blocked legislation

Bill S4417-2015 Authorizes the Westchester health care corporation to enter into contracts and arrangements providing for the creation and operation of a delivery system network Details Same as:A2888-2015 VersionsS4417-2015 Sponsor:MURPHY Multi-sponsor(s):None Co-sponsor(s):LATIMER Committee:CORPORATIONS, AUTHORITIES AND COMMISSIONS Law Section: Public Authorities…

General Membership Meeting

We will be having a general membership meeting this Friday, May 15th from 11am – 2pm in the cedarwood auditorium. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the negotiation survey results and pending start of negotiations. Management has informed…

Meeting with Management

March 9th there was a sitdown with WMC management and your board. Roger, Alan, Sue and John Staino met with Michael Israel, Gary Brudnicki and Jordy Rabinowitz. This is a meeting we are trying to make a monthly sitdown going…

Local 860 Scholarship

If you have a graduating high school senior, thelocal has scholships available. Apply to the unit and local. See flyer below for details. local scholarship

Get everyone registered.

We have over 800 members and yet just over 100 have registered for our website. Please as your co-workers if they have registered. This will be a vital part of the communication to membership about the negotiation process.