Sick Bank Open Enrollment

It is that time of year again. Every year during the month of February open enrollment is held. If you would like to join the Sick Bank, see the two attached documents. You can get additional info about the sick…

Come enjoy a night of basketball.

We have a night of basketball planned for this March. We will be having a Unit 9201 night with the Westchester Knicks at the County Center in White Plains. There is a buffet and soda/water included with court-side tickets. Please…

Retirement Seminar

Are you thinking of retiring? CSEA’s Putnam County Local 840 is hosting a seminar that explains retirement, including pension.All CSEA members are invited to attend. The dates are January 20th and 21st. A flyer with all the info is below.

Healthcare co-pays are going up

As explained in the last general membership meeting and an informational meeting with Aetna, some co-pays are going up.This is thought to be an increase above that which is allowed by our contract. Sue served the hospital with a class…

Local 860 President’s Message

I have attaced a letter from President John Staino of Local 860.Please read the part that mention the Constitutional Convention. This is very important and will become a hot topic for CSEA in the months to come. 860-presidents-message