Contract Update

The negotiation team met yesterday. We will be sending a formal letter to WMC with our list of demands.The committee will have a general membership meeting as the negotiations start. If you want to know what our requests are, i…

CSEA Local 860 Military Care Package

Our Local’s community action committee is preparing a care package for military members abroard. If a member of your family is serving in our armed forces fill out the attached form. Community_Action_Committee_MILITARY DONATION 2015

Negotiations update

The committee headed up by Alan Aronow has met a few times and is making progress. WMC has informed us they are open to negotiations as soon as we are. The committee is meeting with Gary Cannonier from CSEA (our…

79 – 17

Today the members made it clear they want to fight management. Senator Murphy has been informed and told to continue his blockage of the legislation.